Saturday 12 December 2020

The XL Eindhoven Quiz

On Saturday 12 December 2020 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. the virtual event De Kei Grote Eindhoven Quiz will go live. A special photo quiz for all of Eindhoven!

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that's a wrap!

We have a winner

Congratulations team "Demos dispuut het Stormt" playing on behalf of city district Gestel! They are our "kei grote" winners! A total of 4 teams managed to correctly tag all 100 pictures. A job well done! We will get in contact with all prize winners.

Thanks for joining!


The Photos

All 100 photos can be found in our photo book (PDF). Nice to flip through again!

Photo book



Here you can find the book with all answers. How many did you know?




It became an XL ranking. 656 teams managed to score points!


Online Photo Search

With your family or online team, you will take part in a unique online ‘picture hunt’! Based on ten creative themes, we’ll take you on a quest past all kinds of well-known and lesser-known spots in Eindhoven. Mark the 100 locations on a map on the digital answer sheet. Will your team get the highest score? With your team, you’ll naturally be aiming for the highest possible score!

100 Photos,
100 spots,
Can you recognize them all?


100 Photos


Where is it?


100 Spots


Pin on the map


Win prizes!

Win Eindhoven Prizes

You’ll have a chance to win great Eindhoven prize-packages. These include all sorts of fun items, from T-shirts to photo books. A lovely local beer has been included as well! The top 3 teams will also receive a gift voucher for a nice - post covid - drink and meal at ‘Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven’.

In addition to the overall top 3 winners, there will also be a winning team per city district, and various prize packages will be raffled among all of the participants who identified at least 20 photos correctly.

In the event of a tie, we’ll look at which team was the first to achieve that particular score on the day. Each team can win 1 prize max.

Participate from home

You don't have to leave your home to take part in this quiz. From 11 AM, the photo book (PDF) will be available for download on this website. From this moment, you will also find the digital answer sheet on the site. You’ll be using this to mark the location for each photo on a map. There’s no need to register in advance - you’ll register once you open the answer sheet.

The answer sheet can be filled out until 11 PM; after that, any locations you add will no longer be processed. You can join digitally and invite your friends and family to be part of your team via a video chat, WhatsApp group or by phone. Make a fun day of this challenge!

Foto Eindhoven
Where in Eindhoven is it?

10 Photo Themes

For this quiz, we’ve come up with 10 creative themes. Within each theme, there are 10 photos.

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Eindhoven 1920 - 2020

Today marks the 100 year anniversary of the moment when the municipalities of Eindhoven, Gestel, Stratum, Woensel, Strijp and Tongelre came together in one large municipality. This year we celebrate this centenary together. We reflect on the past, present and future of Eindhoven.

Eindhoven 1920 - 2020

Super Frequently Asked Questions

You can play on a team or alone. It’s all fine with us! Do keep in mind that you’ll have to share any prizes you win with your teammates. Make sure that you meet any team members who aren’t part of your household in a virtual setting.
Are you extremely driven and do you want to win the overall prize? In that case, yes, we recommend starting at 11 a.m. sharp. Especially if you want to be the first team to figure out all 100 locations! But it’s all about making it a fun day for your team: everyone can start and stop whenever they want. Answers will not be registered after 11pm, though.
A healthy dose of enthusiasm. A nice drink and snack. A strong team or super talents. In addition: you’ll have to download the photo book, which is a PDF file. You can do this on your mobile, tablet or computer. Usually there will already be software on your device which allows you to open PDF files. Is the file not opening properly? Search for Acrobat Reader! The digital answer sheet is a website that you open in your browser on a computer, smartphone or tablet - with an internet connection. Since you have to mark a place on a map for each location, it will be easier on devices with a larger screen.
You can download the Photo Book as a PDF file here. The file may well open in your internet browser. Would you prefer to download it? Right click on the link and select “save as”. After this, you’ll be able to open the file using a PDF viewer. This will probably already be on your computer. If not, you can download Adobe Reader (a free program). Still having problems with the PDF file? You can download a lower resolution version here - this file is significantly smaller.
Create a WhatsApp group, call each other or start a video call! It works best when every team member downloads the photo book so that everyone can view all of the photos. You send the locations for each photo to your team captain. The team captain processes all of the input and marks all 100 spots on the map in the digital answer sheet.
There’s no need to register in advance. On December 12th 2020, you’ll open the answer form via this website. You can then register automatically using your cell number and start submitting your answers.
That’s right, when opening the answer form you can indicate for which of the 6 districts your team will compete! You can choose this yourself and you do not have to live in that district. Pick the district your team has the strongest connection to. Would you rather not choose a district? Select 'not applicable' when registering. This does mean you won’t be eligible for our extra city district prizes.
The ‘Kei Grote Eindhoven quiz’ is organized by the company Number 42: you can send us an email, a WhatsApp message or get in touch via Messenger. If you find yourself truly lost, you can also give us a call on 040 843 14 42.
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